Product Family Overview

The Canary Products are Remote Monitoring Units targeted at low rate wireless data applications supporting reliable links over exceptionally long ranges. Extended battery life results is a very low maintenance costs on deployed networks. Canary is designed specifically to provide wireless connectivity for industrial sensors found in most monitoring applications, including: 0-10V, 4-20mA, Modbus, HART and Wireless HART.

The embedded battery and wireless interface provides users with a stand-alone device that greatly simplifies installation and helps minimize infrastructure costs. With proper configuration, a battery life of several years can be expected.

Canary incorporates an RPMA (aka ULP) wireless modem, compatible with the On-Ramp Wireless Network Access Point. RPMA is a groundbreaking wireless technology built from the ground up, specifically targeting sensors and other low data

rate devices. It’s an end-to-end solution that provides an optimal mix of coverage, capacity, low-power consumption, and cost. It fills a significant gap in between currently available short range mesh radios and cellular M2M modems.

RPMA is a half-duplex system that operates in a star configuration. It is deployed using industry standard and time-tested modeling tools, similar to those used in the mobile telephony industry. The system delivers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry and is simple to deploy, operate, and maintain.

For high rate monitoring applications, models support an external power source, in which case the internal battery automatically converts to a backup supply.

Canary can easily be incorporated into existing IoT or operated as a stand alone solution. SCT has extensive experience working with customers to deliver complete end to end solutions.

Canary GUI for Pressure App