Product Overview

Scout – High Performance Serial Bus Controllers


The Scout products are high performance Serial Bus Controllers designed specifically for high speed automated test and characterization applications. Unlike traditional USB to GPIO dongles, Scout products incorporate an FPGA core to minimize execution time and provide deterministic timing.

Control of the devices is provided via a USB2.0 interface. When connected to a computer, Scout instantiates itself as a virtual COM port. This interface allows for manual control using a terminal emulator or incorporation into an ATE environment. The API is compatible with any programming language that supports communication via a COM port. The device operates with Windows, Linux and Apple Operating Systems.

SCT is a proud member of the MIPI Alliance. The SC4415, available for delivery October 2017, will support the following serial bus protocols:



General Purpose SPI

Other protocols forthcoming.

The devices are powered directly from the USB control interface. An optional 5.0Vdc input is available for applications incorporating potentially current starved USB hubs.

Several triggered buffer modes provide scripting capability for high speed test applications. Buffering enables users to create instruction sequences over 1000 commands deep. Triggering modes include internal (via software command) and external (via the trigger input). External trigger facilitates synchronization with external hardware or test equipment.


The MIPI RF Front-End Interface, MIPI RFFE, is a dedicated control interface for the RF front end of a device. It enhances the control of the complex device environment, which has rigorous performance requirements and can include 10 to 20 components such as power amplifiers, antenna tuners, filters and switches. The interface can be applied to the full range of RF front-end components to simplify product design, configuration and integration, and to facilitate interoperability of components supplied by different vendors. The conveniences make it easier for manufacturers to address end-user needs for faster data speeds and better call quality, develop scalable solutions, and expedite time to market for new designs in the mobile, automotive and Internet of Things sectors.

For more information on MIPI-RFFE, click here.


MIPI I3CSM is a bus interface for connecting sensors to an application processor. It is a core sensor integration technology that can combine multiple sensors from different vendors in a device to streamline integration and improve cost efficiencies. It gives developers unprecedented opportunity to craft innovative designs for any mobile product, from smartphones, to wearables, to safety systems in automobiles.

For more information on MIPI-I3C, click here.

SCT Products

SC4410 – USB to MIPI-RFFE and General Purpose SPI

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  • USB Powered Adaptor for Serial Interface and General Purpose IO
  • Software selectable clock rates (1, 13, 26 and 52MHz)
  • Supports MIPI-RFFE (V2) and SPI interface
  • Trigger support for time-critical applications
  • Wide operating temperature range (-0 to +70C)

 SC4415 – USB to MIPI-I3C, MIPI-RFFE, and General Purpose SPI

Important Links:   SC4415 Product Brief   Product Support 


  • USB to Serial Bus Controller provides deterministic serial communications
  • Supports MIPI-I3C, MIPI-RFFE(v2), and SPI
  • Software selectable clock rates (mode dependent), supporting 50kHz to 52MHz in 1kHz steps
  • Triggered support for time-critical applications
  • 8 General Purpose IO available in all operating modes
  • Suitable for both development and manufacturing environments
  • Field-upgradeable unit for new features and functionality
  • Wide operating temperature range (0°C to 70°C)

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