Product Overview

SIQMA – Model SC2820

CPRI Packet Sniffer

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  • CPRI Packet Sniffer and RF Data Analyzer
  • Portable Form Factor
  • Can be operated as a standalone unit or in conjunction with external PC
  • Real-time display of Uplink RF Spectrum
  • Data Collection and Replay Modes
  • Windows based GUI for expanded features


In the past, all signal processing units of the base station were located at ground level instead of the top near the antenna which leads to path loss due to long RF cabling. Nowadays, in order to prevent the loss due to long RF cabling, the processing unit has been divided into a preprocessing unit at the top of the mast, the RRU (Remote Radio Unit) and the BBU (Base Band Unit) located on the ground surface. The digital CPRI link is used to connect the RF unit at the top of the tower to the BBU located at the bottom. Besides having an advantage of power efficiency, it leads to other issues associated to maintenance such as one has to climb up the mast in order to see the uplink spectrum by connecting the signal analyzer via RF cables.

The SC2820 CPRI analyzer provides cell site installers, maintenance operations and troubleshooters with a convenient tool that can be used on a live site. A low loss optical splitter is inserted in series with the existing RRU to BBU optical cable, resulting in minimal disruption to the sites operation. Splitters can be left on site if multiple visits are required.

CPRI data can be collected and stored or viewed live. Live data is presented to the user on Windows GUI or streamed out via a front panel RF connector for analysis with an optional spectrum analyzer.


Ease of Use                                              

  • No special training required
  • Intuitive GUI and Touch Display

Simplifies Maintenance and Operation of RRUs

  • No climbing of mast required
  • Can be operated on a live cell
  • Helps detect RRU malfunction
  • Interference analysis
  • Data storage mode for post or remote processing

Compatible with Existing Tools and Equipment

  • RF Out feature provides interface for optional spectrum analyzer
  • Windows based GUI for laptop configuration, operation and analysis

CPRI Data Analysis

  • Support multiple CPRI interface types and variants.
  • Allows basic conformance and acceptance testing of BBU.
  • Supports troubleshooting on existing live cells.

Development tool for lab use, reducing the need for expensive protocol analyzers.


Product Images

SC2820 Front viewSC2810 SIQMA w ALU BBUSC2820 at Ericsson RMU Farm at DAS SiteSC2820 GUI Showing PIM Effects
SC2810 SIQMA in LabSC2810 SIQMA KitSC2810 Typical EU Antenna Farm