Product Overview

SIQMA – Model SC2820 – CPRI Analyzer

CPRI Test Done Brilliantly and Affordably

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Unparalleled Performance at an Unbeatable Price

The SIQMA SC2820 CPRI Analyzer is the market’s highest-performing, lowest-cost CPRI test instrument. Unlike other solutions, which have been retrofitted to support CPRI, the SIQMA’s high-performance signal processing hardware was designed specifically for CPRI applications. Because of this, the SIQMA SC2820 offers unparalleled performance at half the price of other CPRI analyzers.

Every Frame Captured for 100% Interference Detection

Trigger, capture, and run real-time FFTs on every CPRI frame present on a link up to and including 9.8 Gbps, ensuring 100% detection of interference problems.

Simultaneous Antenna Support Without Sacrificing Performance

Seamlessly collect simultaneous data from multiple antennas and gain a more complete picture of network activities.

Remote Access for Ease of Use

Remotely monitor activity on base station uplink channels. The SIQMA SC2820 auto-triggers on channel anomalies and logs the data for remote access and viewing.

Additional Product Features

  • Powerful Analysis Capabilities: Provides interference analysis, simultaneous data collection from multiple antennae, remote data access, and PIM detection
  • CPRI Data Analysis: Supports link capacities up to and including line rate 7 (9.8304 Gbps) and is capable of de-mapping all vendor CPRI profiles
  • Ease of Use: Small, cost-effective, standalone solution with an intuitive Windows-based GUI and an available API for third-party integrators
  • Ongoing Cell-Site Maintenance: Built-in optical splitter allows live-cell troubleshooting without operational interruption.

A graphical example showing second- and third-order inter-mod products of Tx carriers F1 and F2 falling within the Rx band.

Application Areas

The SIQMA SC2820 is ideal for several application areas, including:

  • Interference detection and hunting
  • Passive intermodulation detection (PIM)
  • Distributed antenna system (DAS) optimization
  • Fiber-to-the-antenna troubleshooting and identifying misconnects with antenna sectors

Learn More

For more details about the SIQMA SC2820 CPRI Analyzer, download the Product Brief.