Industrial Control and Monitoring

Our design capabilities in high speed digital, precision analog and embedded controller applications has created strong partnerships with several industrial partners.

Case Study: GNSS Receivers and Systems

A market leader in precision GPS applications has involved SCT on a number of projects. The original project involved the re-design of a radio module to improve manufacturing yield and reduce product cost. The relationship has since grown into a team on-demand format. Our senior design engineers have provided our customer with access to a flexible and dependable resource pool. From short-term schedule crunches to complete development projects.

SCT has proven, time and time again, that it can be trusted to deliver on complex product requirements with demanding schedules. SCT design capabilities include high frequency wireless, high speed digital, embedded solutions and precision analog applications.

Industrial Radio for Harsh Operating Conditions

Key Objectives and Results:

  • 900MHz Frequency Hopping radio for variable data rate application
  • Complete hardware and low-level firmware design prototype and release to manufacturing
  • Original project scope was limited to a radio design resource. As the project evolved, SCT was assigned increasing design ownership, eventually taking over full hardware design responsibility.
Asset Tracking Module for Trucking Applications

Key Objectives and Results:

  • Integration of GPS receiver, AMPs Radio and GPRS Modem into an asset tracking product
  • Meet significant power supply and external IO challenges, resulting from SAE compliance requirements
  • Original scope of project was limited to Project Management, but overall design responsibility was transferred to SCT upon demonstration of excellent FW, HW and Mechanical design capabilities.
Managed Ethernet Switch

Key Objectives and Results:

  • Maintain very tight schedule requiring prototypes in time for trade show
  • Passed FCC Compliance testing on first prototype
  • 98% of features and full performance was obtained on first hardware prototype

Industrial Radio for Robust Portable Applications

Key Objectives and Results:

  • Design of radio portion of product to support new features and P25 standard
  • Extremely tight deadlines met, for successful product demonstration at Industry Show