Reference Designs

Our product development and design for high volume manufacturing experience is of interest to Semiconductor and ODM’s looking for quality reference platforms.

Reference platform projects can entail any or all of the following tasks:

        • System Design
        • Datasheet Reviews
        • Engineering Sample Characterization
        • Application Notes
        • Reference Circuits and Application Notes
        • Supply and Fulfillment of Demonstration Kits
        • Test Results
        • Customer Support
6GS/s ADC Demonstration Platform

Key Objectives and Results:

  • Integration of dual 3GS/s 8-bit ADCs onto a demo platform for product demonstration customer evaluation
  • Integration of high speed clock, USB interface to PC and VHDL for buffering and interleaving of data
  • Timing of critical application, requiring strict timing control of data and clock signals
  • Full functionality and specification compliance on first PCB release
  • 3 subsequent projects assigned to SCT due to success of this program

Mobile Phone Radio Reference Designs

Key Objectives and Results:

  • Design of demonstration platforms for GSM/GPRS/EDGE radios on a variety of transceiver and Power Amplifier platforms
  • Full characterization of radios and compliance testing of solutions for “manufacturing ready” solution
  • Release of 7 compliant radios based on various combinations of 3 independent vendor transceivers and 4 power amplifiers
  • Release of internal SCT transceiver and Software Defined Radio product named “ARES”