Wireless Design

SCT was founded on the basis of delivering innovative but solid wireless solutions into challenging products. Today, these same radio and high frequency design capabilities provide the foundation to our services business.

Case Study: PXI/PXIe Modules for T&M Applications

Our customer was aggressively expanding its portfolio of modular RF test equipment. Internal design teams were focused on the large development projects. Rather than sidetrack these developments, SCT was contracted to design, prototype and manufacture adjunct modules to complement the new products.

SCT worked closely with the Product Management team during the definition phase to define product requirements and device functionality. During the design phase, close ties were established with the R&D team. Heavy focus was placed on guaranteeing compatibility and high reliability with the existing portfolio. Logistics and quality groups were involved during all phases of the development, ensuring that corporate standards and supply chain requirements were satisfied.

Low Cost ‘Last-Mile’ CPE Solutions

Key Objectives and Results:

  • Design and prototype of a 3.5-4.2GHz W-CDMA radio (pre-WiMax) for last mile solution


GSM/EDGE Base Station Repeater for Telecom Providers

Key Objectives and Results:

  • Architectural design of a new repeater, incorporating increased functionality, enhanced RF performance and cost reduction
  • Multi-channel power amplifier design and requirements study
Point-to-Point Backhaul Solution for Industrial Backhaul

Key Objectives and Results:

  • Design of a 3.5-4.2GHz radio to support proprietary OFDM PHY
  • Significant thermal consideration, due to high power requirements
  • Despite highly discrete design solution, achieved a manufacturable solution after 2nd release of PCB



Wideband Radio for Exploratory Development

Key Objectives and Results:

  • Architect, design and prototype OFDM radio platform for ¬†Software Defined Radio
  • Radio to cover 2.4, 4.7 and 5.8 GHz bands
  • High level of automated test coverage, providing quick response to customer characterization inquiries during system-level characterization and optimization.