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Industrial IoT: Canary

Canary - Model SC6570

Remote Monitoring Unit with SPT for Hazardous Locations

Key Features

  • Wireless Remote Monitoring Unit
  • SPT Mode provides Wireless Access to Remote Serial Enable Devices
  • Exceptional Sensitivity and Range
  • Externally Powered (w/ Battery Optional Backup)
  • Supports Digital and Analog I/O, 4-20 mA Sensors
  • Industry Protocols such as Hart and Modbus
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range (-25 to +75 C)
  • Time Stamped Data
  • Threshold Alarming Functions


Typical Applications

  • Oil and Gas Sensors
  • Pipeline and Distribution Equipment
  • Point of Custody Transfer Stations
  • Vibration Detection and Other Preventative
  • Maintenance Applications


The SC6570 has an identical feature set to the SC6520 and includes support for serial pass through mode. When combined with SCT’s C-PORT Interface, the unit can operate as a serial bridge between to end- points. Both units are designed for operation in Class 1 Division 2 environments.


The SC6570 targets applications requiring exceptional sensitivity. It provides wireless connectivity for sensors, I/O, and instrumentation with proprietary or industry standard serial interfaces. The wireless interface provides users with a stand-alone device that greatly simplifies installation and helps minimize infrastructure costs. An internal battery is included to provide power backup for instances where external power sources are lost.


Canary products incorporate an RPMA radio.RPMA is a groundbreaking wireless technology built from the ground up, specifically targeting sensors and other low data rate devices. RPMA is an IoT solution that provides an optimal mix of coverage, capacity, low-power consumption, and cost. It fills a significant gap in between currently available short range mesh radios and cellular M2M modems.


The wireless link is a half-duplex system that operates in a star configuration. It is deployed using industry standard and time-tested modeling tools, similar to those used in the mobile telephony industry. The system delivers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry and is simple to deploy, operate, and maintain.

Generous Interfaces

  • 1x RS-232/RS-485 Serial Communication Port
  • 2x Digital Input (5 to 24 VDC) Channels
  • 1x Relay Drivers (12 to 24 VDC)
  • 2x Analog Voltage (±20 V) Inputs
  • 2x Analog Current (4-20 mA) Inputs
  • 1x Hart (on 4-20 mA input)
  • External 12 VDC Supply Input


Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Deployment

  • Polycarbonate Enclosure NEMA 4X Rated (IP66)
  • -25C to +75 C Operating Temp
  • Suitable for mounting on poles or flat surfaces
  • Battery for Power Backup
  • Low Deployment and Maintenance


Wireless Connectivity

  • RPMA Network in Star Configuration
  • Over 160dB of Link Budget
  • GPS Synchronization and Time Stamping


Other Features

  • Configurable monitoring / sampling intervals
  • Data threshold alarming
  • Easy to Install, Configure and Use