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Test & Measurement

SCT products help address numerous challenges engineers are facing in research, development, characterization, and production test. They bridge the gap between commercially available test and measurement instruments and your application.


Long-term business-to-business relationships are key to our success. OEM products are collaboratively designed and enhance the capabilities of our partners while expanding their product portfolio.


SCT values and fosters technical excellence. Leveraging 20 years of product development experience, SCT’s multi-disciplinary team is well equipped to deliver complex solutions on tight schedules.

Test & Measurement Products

In addition to SCT branded products, we supply OEM solutions to Tier 1 and 2 partner companies. OEM products are branded by our partners and typically available exclusively through their supply channels.

Modular Instruments

Combined with our demonstrated microwave and high-speed digital expertise, our PXI design capability makes SCT well positioned to deliver innovative products into the wireless test market.



Typical Applications:

  • Designer Verification Test
  • Automated Production Test
  • New Product Development

Microwave Systems

Microwave products help extend the frequency range of your existing instruments for operation to 26.5 GHz. These systems provide an economical path for upgrading your test setup, allowing you to leverage existing automated test environments (ATEs).



Typical Applications:

  • Research and Development
  • Frequency Extension of Existing Equipment

Serial Bus Controllers

SCOUT is a fast and flexible serial bus and GPIO controller for lab and production test applications. The FPGA-based architecture differentiates SCOUT from other USB controllers in that it can provide fast deterministic timing on all  output signals. Protocol-critical timing is controlled to meet specifications.



Typical Applications:

  • MIPI-RFFE, MIPI-I3C, I2C, and SPI Control
  • Product Development
  • Device Characterization and Validation
  • High-Volume Production Test