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Serial Bus Controllers

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High-Speed Product Test Controllers

The Scout products are high-performance Serial Bus controllers designed specifically for high-speed automated test and characterization applications. Unlike traditional USB to GPIO dongles, Scout products are architected around an FPGA core to minimize execution time and provide deterministic timing.


The SC4420 can be configured to support MIPI-SPMI V1.0 and V2.0, MIPI-RFFE V3.0, and/or MIPI-I3C V1.0 (including legacy I2C).


This device supports manual control using a terminal emulator or software control via it’s API for integration into Automated Test Environments (ATEs). The interface is compatible with any software that supports communication via COM port. The device is verified on Windows, Linux, and iOS systems.

Serial Bus Controllers


SC4420 - Serial Bus Controller (MIPI-SPMI, MIPI-I3C, MIPI-RFFE, and SPI)

The SC4420 is the third-generation device in the Scout family. It was designed to be fit, form and function compatible with the SC4415 but incorporates hardware updates to support the MIPI-SPMI protocol. The device is targeted at verification benches and high-volume production test applications requiring reliable operation over millions of test sequences. More…


SC4415 - Serial Bus Controller (MIPI-I3C, MIPI-RFFE, and SPI)

The Scout SC4415 is the second generation model in the Scout product line. It incorporates enhanced features as well as support for the emerging MIPI-I3C protocol. More…


SC4410 - Serial Bus Controller (MIPI-RFFE)

The USB Scout is a fast and flexible USB to serial and general purpose I/O (GPIO) adaptor for control applications. It provides the user with a configurable bridge between USB and 8 programmable IOs. More…