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PXI-Based Modules

PXI-based modules form the core of many measurement and automation systems. These modules are designed to integrate into design verification and high-volume production test systems. Combined with our demonstrated microwave and high-speed digital expertise, SCT’s PXI design capabilities make us well positioned to deliver innovative products to the wireless test market.

What is PXI?

What is PXI?

In a PXI system, a chassis provides power, cooling, and a communication bus for modular instruments or I/O modules. You can control these modules from either an embedded controller or an external PC, using any software to configure, control, and automate the system.

Key Features of PXI

Key Features of PXI

PXI-based instrumentation helps engineers accelerate their productivity by leveraging software-centric tools. Integrated timing, synchronization, and high-speed buses support data intensive applications that need high bandwidths to execute quickly and efficiently. A wide range of chassis and controller options help minimize test stack size, weight, and power consumption.

A Breadth of Instrumentation and I/O

Visit our partner, National Instruments, to select the right chassis, controller, and modules to complete your test system.

Modular Instruments


SC2111 - 8 GHz 60 dB PXI RF Amplifier

The SC2111 is a two channel, programmable amplifier offering one fixed gain path and one programmable gain path in a single-slot 3U PXI module. The SC2111 has gain and noise figure characteristics that optimize the dynamic range and sensitivity of compatible PXI RF Vector Signal Analyzers. The SC2111 can also programmatically bypass its gain by switching to a direct path. More…


SC2112 - 8 GHz 60 dB PXI RF Attenuator

The PXI-5695 (SC2112) is a two channel programmable attenuator with one fixed attenuation path and one programmable attenuation path.The combined paths can provide up to 70 dB of total attenuation at 2.5 GHz when cascaded. More…


SC2250 - 18 GHz Frequency Extension and Signal Conditioning Module

The SC2250 extends the useful range of traditional 6 GHz RF instruments for operation at microwave frequencies up to 18 GHz. It provides excellent integration capability with other modular products such as National Instruments’ Vector Signal Transceiver (VST). More…