Spectrum Defender® Playback Frequency Range Reaches 18 GHz with New SCT Module

Spectrum Defender® now supports NI’s latest frequency range extender, the SignalCraft Technologies SC2250. Spectra Lab has partnered with SignalCraft to deliver an extended bandwidth product with a playback frequency range of up to 18 GHz. It fully integrates with all Spectrum Defender® platforms that utilize NI PXIe-5840 hardware. This upgrade is an innovative solution for design and test engineers.

SignalCraft Technologies is a leading provider of customizable RF, microwave, and high-speed digital products. SignalCraft’s new SC2250 module has capabilities for both up- and down-conversion, making it ideal for applications like benchtop design verification testing (DVT), harmonic performance testing, RF design and characterization, 802.11ax testing on legacy 6 GHz instruments, and intermediate frequency interface measurements for 5G R&D. For signal conditioning applications that require spurious and harmonic rejection, this technology provides selectable filtering and simple, plug-and-play operation.

“The SC2250 signal conditioning module provides a cost-effective solution to demanding applications that require higher frequency coverage beyond 6GHz,” said Sean Wallace, CEO Spectra Labs. “This single-slot design works seamlessly in mission-critical record and playback for aerospace applications.”

Bill Reid, Chief Architect at National Instruments, highlighted the benefits of this product collaboration in a recent statement: “The NI PXI VST products combine an RF and baseband vector signal analyzer and generator with a user-programmable FPGA and high-speed serial and parallel digital interfaces for real-time signal processing and control. Now, with the SC2250, VST users can easily extend their frequency coverage to support harmonic measurement capability with a single instrument, rather than invest in a complete system overhaul.”

Spectrum Defender® is a complete workflow solution for RF Record/Review/Playback in mission-critical military and aerospace applications. In addition to the ability to create synthetic signals, Spectrum Defender® products allow users to record an unlimited amount of real-world RF signals and play them back for analysis and testing.

Spectrum Defender® comes in standard pre-existing and tested configurations as well as built-to-order and fully customizable systems to meet the unique RF record/playback needs of our clients. All systems are turnkey, offering superior streaming capabilities and ensuring continuous phase alignment through power cycles and reboots—without repeated manual calibration. “We’re thrilled that our customers can continue to enjoy all the benefits of the Spectrum Defender® product,” Wallace said, “while now having the capability to operate at a broader frequency range.”

To learn more about the SC2250, visit the product page. To learn more about the new frequency range extension of Spectrum Defender® products or to discuss your unique needs, schedule an appointment with a Spectrum Defender engineer.