NI and SignalCraft Collaborate to Extend Frequency Range and Harmonic Measurements

Engineers use the NI Vector Signal Transceiver to perform high-performance, reliable measurements using a software-defined approach that flexes to meet evolving requirements. Rapid adoption of this product family in wireless and semiconductor applications, combined with an increasing need to characterize products in production as well as in design, has led to an increased demand for harmonic measurement functionality and higher bandwidth among NI’s customer base.

To meet this demand, NI turned to SignalCraft, a long-term NI Alliance Partner with specific RF R&D expertise, to develop a solution. Working closely with NI engineers, SignalCraft developed the SC2250, an 18 GHz RF signal conditioning module that extends the frequency range of PXI-based test applications to enable precise harmonics measurements. This product is now available in the NI online store.

Check out National Instrument’s recent blog post that outlines the benefits and use cases for this new product.