A System Architect’s Guide to the MIPI-RFFE Bus and Its Capabilities

With the proliferation of smartphones, smartwatches and tablets in our society, instant and unhindered access to communication, information, entertainment has become an expectation in our daily lives. Emerging radio technologies will push download speeds into the Gigabit per second range and latencies into single-digit milliseconds, but supporting these capabilities ultimately leads to highly complex radio architectures. In order to address these market pressures, the MIPI RF Front-End Control Working group was formed to define a highly efficient but flexible control interface for RF front-end devices. MIPI-RFFE is an open standard being adopted industry wide to address current and future control and monitoring of modern wireless RF front-ends.

Example of an RFFE System Configuration

SignalCraft Technologies has recently published a white paper that summarizes the key features and functionality of the MIPI-RFFE bus. This white paper is an excellent starting point for any Systems or RF Engineer looking to familiarize themselves with the basic MIPI-RFFE.