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Wideband Solutions to 50 GHz

SCT mmWave products cover the 6 to 44 GHz frequency range. They include wide-bandwidth (low group delay) and phase synchronization support for software-defined radio (SDR) and multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) applications.



Bandwidth in a radio is typically limited by intermediate frequency (IF) filtering in the analog or digital domain. In systems without an IF filter, ‘useable’ or ‘practical’ bandwidth can be defined as the frequency span where group delay, and hence modulated signal distortion, exceeds a certain level.

Group Delay

Group Delay

Group delay is a measure of phase distortion in a system. It represents the rate of phase angle change with respect to frequency and is typically defined in units of radians/time. Flat group delay across frequency is an important consideration when designing or selecting a wideband system. Signal distortion is proportional to group delay.

Software Defined Radio

Visit our partner, National Instruments, to select a Vector Signal Transceiver. Contact us for more details.

Signal Processing

Visit our partner, BeeCube, to select a MegaBee DSP Engine to complete your microwave-capable SDR platform. Contact us for more details.

Microwave Systems


SC2215 - 26.5 GHz Programmable Gain Amplifier

The SC2215 is a 2-Channel programmable gain amplifier that can operate from 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz. Each channel provides over 31.5 dB of programmable gain, controllable in 0.5 dB increments. Both channels have excellent low noise performance. With the channels cascaded, the SC2215 can provide up to 70 dB of small signal gain and can achieve a maximum saturated output power of 28 dBm at 1 GHz and 22 dBm at 26.5 GHz. More…


SC2250 - 18 GHz Frequency Extension and Signal Conditioning Module

The SC2250 extends the useful range of traditional 6 GHz RF instruments for operation at microwave frequencies up to 18 GHz. It provides excellent integration capability with other modular products such as National Instruments’ Vector Signal Transceiver (VST). More…


SC2444 - mmWave Frequency Converter

The mmWave converter is a stand-alone platform for use in the 24 to 44 GHz range. The module is designed to interface directly with software defined radios, such as those commonly implemented using Analog Device’s Mixed-Signal Front-End (MxFE), or similar Software Defined Radio, to obtain a complete mmWave system. Up to four modules can be combined in parallel to create complex MIMO applications. More…

SC2430 Front Render

SC2430 - 5G NR Signal Conditioning Module

The SC2430 NR Signal Conditioning Module (SCM) is a front-end solution that provides signal conditioning and amplification for Software Define Radio (SDR) systems. It was designed specifically for use in conjunction with the NI Ettus-USRP X410. In this configuration, its input and output radio characteristics are compliant with select 3GPP 5G/NR standards for 5G NR User Equipment (UE) and gNodeB (gNB) implementations.. More…


SC2410 - 20 GHz Phase Synchronized 4-Channel Up/Down Converter

The SC2410 delivers flat group delay performance and phase synchronization across all 4 transmit and receive channels. When combined with pre-distortion algorithms such as those implemented with the National Instruments Vector Signal Transceiver, group delays of under 1 pS are attainable across any 1 GHz band in the 1 to 20 GHz frequency range. More…