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Microwave Systems

Model SC2410

20 GHz Phase Synchronized 4-Channel Up/Down-Converter

The SC2420 is targeted at users looking for extremely flat group delay performance and phase synchronization across all channels. When combined with pre-distortion algorithms such as those implemented in National Instruments’ Vector Signal Transceivers, group delays of under 1 ps are attainable across any 1 GHz band in the 1 to 20 GHz frequency range. All up- and down-conversion paths share a common oscillator input, resulting in less than 2 degrees of phase variation across all 8 paths. The instrument is housed in a compact 1U rackmount enclosure.


Typical Applications

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Research and Development
  • Advanced Wireless Communications Research

The SC2410 is a 4 channel 18 GHz Up/Down Converter comprised of eight mixers all sharing a common coherent LO signal. Passive, triple balanced mixers offer excellent spurious suppression with overlapping IF and RF bands. The frequency range for the LO and RF ports is 5-18 GHz while the IF port extends from 2 to 18 GHz.


Firmware control allows for the enabling and disabling of the common LO signal as well as providing access to a digital step attenuator that can be used to set the LO signal drive level at all eight mixers.


  • 4 Parallel Up- and Down-Conversion Channels
  • Minimal Group Delay Variation
  • Phase Synchronous Channels
  • External LO Input
  • User API over USB